April 30, 2023


NUET PRESENTS: Ida Engberg & Brina Knauss

Ida Engberg is not only one of Sweden’s biggest and most legendary names in Techno, she is also one of the world’s top names and tops the biggest festivals and clubs worldwide. Now Ida is returning to her hometown Stockholm for the first time in ages to do her first gig with NUET. At Walpurgis Night 30/4, none other than Ida Engberg will deliver like no other in the big salon at Berns! To make the evening even more special, we fly in Slovenian Brina Knauss, who is coming to Stockholm for the first time to share the evening with Ida. Brina has achieved great international success in an incredibly short time and her sets are hypnotically driving melodic techno that injects us with soul and feeling. We couldn’t be more excited to have her with us tonight. Linn Stern should not be unknown to anyone who is familiar with club Stockholm and you have seen her with us before, even if it was quite a while ago. You see her opening the main floor before Brina and Ida. It will be a magical evening. Don’t miss securing your ticket now.

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20 years / ID

30/04/2023 22:00 – 04:00

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