DANIEL ARNESSON: Nightclub Manager at Berns
22 September News

DANIEL ARNESSON: Nightclub Manager at Berns

"The preparations for the evening is absolutely the most important thing to create a successful night out for as many people as possible. Once at work I just make sure to have fun, then usually others will too."

Hi Daniel, nice to get to know you a little better! For those who don’t know who you are, can you tell us a bit about you?
I’m from Södermalm, but now I live in Östermalm, I work as a nightclub manager at Berns. I started working in the restaurant industry early on but have stuck to nightclubs for the past 7 years. You may have seen me at Sturehuset, Bergmans or some other nightclubs over the past years. My main task is to create a product that is attractive to the guests within our target groups. It includes everything from concept, guest list, table requests and music profile.

 How does a typical work day/week look like for you and what is the best part with your job?
A typical working day for me is to be glued to my phone before opening, and try to catch up with all requests for the guest list and tables that come in the DM. The preparations for the evening are absolutely the most important thing to create a successful night out for as many people as possible. The preparations for the evening is absolutely the most important thing to create a successful night out for as many people as possible. Once at workI just make sure to have fun, then usually others will too. The funniest thing about the job is that you never know how the evening will turn out, and which people you will meet.

 For those who have not visited Berns, how would you best describe the experience?
Berns has a history that stretches back 150 years with grand premises that gives a wow feeling. The whole house is like printed out of an old book. Everything is also gathered under one roof here, so you don’t even have to leave the building.  We have 4 different concepts at the nightclub. Terassen for drinks and hanging out at the bar. On the first floor you will find a more festive bar called Le! Cocktail. Downstairs you will find two nightclubs. First we have Le! where there is a focus on contemporary music and commercial house music. Then we have Neu, who is legendary internationally. A must visit.

Tell us about the experience at Berns! What does the perfect visit look like? What can’t we miss?
The perfect experience is start with  lunch at Berns Asiatiska on a Friday. Then check into the hotel on a preferably the spa room at the top, followed by dinner at Calle P. After dinner you step up to Terassen for a drink. Dance away at Le! Cocktail, grab a table at Le! and party all night there or on Neu until we close. The morning after, you wake up to a fantastic breakfast. I would recommend taking a bath in the hot tub before we do it all over again Saturday night.

 Something happening in the future, any news?
There will be a lot of fun in the autumn, we will put a new music profile on Terassen. Changes will be made in the form of facelifts in some rooms to continue to provide the best experience for our guests. Not to be forgotten is that we have some incredible acts going on in The Ballroom. Follow us on social media and look on our website so you don’t miss anything.

 You have been involved in the industry for many years. Tell us about your best/ funniest memory!
I could write a book about my experiences over the years and it’s hard to tell without saying too much. Humlegårdsgatan 13 those who know, they know. People who have made exits of all forms and celebrated it in different clubs. One memorable night from Berns is Alesso’s party after Lollapalooza. Black Coffee with Nuet was also absolutely crazy. I can’t say anything more detailed than that.

Finally, what does your perfect weekend look like?
My perfect weekend starts with a Friday morning workout. Then it’s time to gather everyone at a friend’s house for drinks. After that, there is usually dinner somewhere, preferably a place with a sharing menu, either on Södermalm or Calle P. When we finish dinner it’s time to party all night long. Saturday morning I wake up in fetal position and fight my way through a lap around Djurgården. In order to survive the day I grab a Bloody Mary at Tetto to go through last night with friends. If you get the party feeling again, it’s perfectly fine to do yesterday all over again. On Sunday I watch movies and series all day. The goal is to have as few steps as possible in the health app.

4 Quick ones

If we come over for dinner, what will you serve?
Whatever you want from Uber Eats.

Who are you looking up to?
Many, but in the industry  Bigboss Vimal.

 What song goes on repeat at your home right now?
Fahlberg & Emmi – The Way and Rampa – Les Gout

 Best pickup line?
I was in France this summer and a girl grabbed me and said “You are good for me” with a semi-cracked English and French-Russian break, so we will go with that one.




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