FINALLY: It’s time again!
5 January News

FINALLY: It’s time again!


After an incomparable season finale at PUSH on New Year’s Eve, Köket finally opens up again, Gothenburg’s newest addition to the nightlife. For those of you who have not visited Köket, it is usually described as an international intimate nightclub with room for 250 people with a fantastic environment. Köket provides a unique sound and light experience that cannot be described, but must be experienced live. The music style is very similar to the commercial House recognition factor as on PUSH. Köket has chosen to continue on the same track while also wanting to create their own feel at Köket.

 “There are many guests who missed Köket, and it will be really fun to open a place that the guests have been waiting for. Now is the time to exceed expectations,” says Johan Strömer, Nightclub manager at Push and Köket.

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