V/ WALL: Welcome back Fredrik Strebel
10 March News

V/ WALL: Welcome back Fredrik Strebel

We welcome Fredrik Strebel back to the Stureplans group and sit down for a Small Talk, where we get to know a little more about what Fredrik's new role entails and get some tips for the weekend.

Welcome back to nightlife, tell us a little about your exciting new role.
Thanks so much! I will work a bit like the spider in the web between guests and all our units. We have many guests who want to come to our places but don’t always know who to contact.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?
An awful lot has happened during the 5 years I’ve been gone. I look forward to working with a wide portfolio of good places. Then, of course, many rowdy evenings at the nightclubs when we have now reopened.

What have you done up until now?
I have worked as a nightclub manager at Bergmans for 5 years and continued working with Pepes Bodega in Båstad where I am a co-owner and hang out in the summer. I have also managed to start a festival called Summer On Festival down in Båstad and thereby acquired a good knowledge of the industry, which I hope in the long run will be able to provide some fun events for the business!

In your years in the club swing, what is your best service experience?
Simple, when me and Oscar Durling opened Suite at Sturecompagniet and Avicii played at the premiere.

There is a rumor that you are a real paddle pro?
Haha, yes.. Don’t know who claimed them. But after all, I come from Båstad and have 2-2 in matches against Sweden’s best-ranked padel player Simon Vasquez. I think we’ll leave it at that..

Finally, can you give us a tip for the weekend? What does your perfect Friday look like?
No Friday is really perfect now during the pandemic, I think, so I’ll take a Friday in the future instead. Then I would start with an afterwork up at Tetto, Spesso’s new neighbor who by then is the best in town. As the sun starts to set, it’s a short walk to Le Hibou at the Bank Hotel for a pre-drink before dinner at Berns (Love Asian!) After that, it’s V/Wall to finish at Joel Ighe’s at Spy bar. That sounds like an absolutely perfect Friday in my world!

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