April 9, 2023


Aldous Harding är en artist som ständigt överraskar och överträffar alla förväntningar.

Aldous Harding is an artist who constantly surprises and exceeds all expectations. When the 2015 self-titled debut album was followed two years later by the album “Party”, the acclaimed New Zealander went from being promising to becoming one of the leaders in modern singer / songwriter. “Party” was awarded the rating 4 out of 5 in DN, ended up on the Best Right now list at and was named Album of the Year by Rough Trade Shop.

With 2019’s third album “Designer”, we should have been prepared for Aldous to floor us again – especially as the re-arranged first single “The Barrel” had already been rumored that she had taken several more steps forward. But once again, Aldous Harding exceeded all expectations by finding the perfect balance between the stripped-down simple and the dramatically shaky.

When Aldous arrives in Stockholm on April 9, she will be up to date with new material. A first taste is the live favorite “Old Peel” which has finally got a studio shape.

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