April 15, 2023


Acid Pauli is Martin Gretschmann's club-oriented live set.

Over the years, it has transformed into a high-end DJ performance, featuring not only techno and house but a wide range of music across genres beyond dance music. As a versatile musician, Martin is as comfortable performing at Techno Clubs in New York or Ibiza as he is producing radio plays and writing film scores. Mira is that rare kind of DJ whose music can instantly transport you into her world – a midnight circus in Berlin, where time loses all definition and anything becomes possible. She started DJing in 1996 and quickly rose to prominence as part of the growing underground techno scene around Leipzig and Halle/Saale. Her dedication to her craft and natural talent quickly paid off with a string of rapid successes, leading her to greatly shape the electronic music scene in eastern Germany from that point on. For the first time ever, you will both be on the same line up in Stockholm and as if that wasn’t enough, our own Fabian Tanz will open the evening in the big hall at Berns.

This evening will be magical – a dance in cold April under the chandeliers at one of Stockholm’s oldest venues.


Acid Pauli

Mira Fabian

Tanz NEU

Nassim Mehran

 We reserve the right to make any changes.


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