BALTHAZAR WIIDH: New club manager at Atrium BALTHAZAR WIIDH: New club manager at Atrium

BALTHAZAR WIIDH: New club manager at Atrium

A few months ago, we changed the name of the nightclub Sturecompagniet to Atrium. Now Sturecompagniet is the name for the whole house – Wall, V***** and Hell’s Kitchen. Balthazar Wiidh will be the new club manager together with Albin Winterhagen. We met Balthazar to get to know him better and hear what’s to come at Atrium in the future.

Balthazar grew up in Stockholm and has worked with several well-known clubs in Stockholm and Visby for the past year.

Tell us, what will happen in the future at Atrium?

  • I want to set a clear profile on Atrium so that the guests know what to expect when they will come visiting us. It will be music with a lot of energy, modern club music with electronic elements and classic house. We will also arrange several events in the near future to establish the brand. We have one of the most beautiful and most historic venues among Stockholm’s nightclubs, that is something we must take advantage of.

You will have Albin Winterhagen as a colleague, how does that feel?

  • Working together with Albin will be really fun. He is extremely social, has a good network of contacts and spreads good energy. I think we will make an incredibly good duo.

What does your ideal night out look like?

  • Preferably dinner at Supper and then go to Tjalans a few meters away to get in the mood. After some Fernet Mentha or Vodka Russian, it’s time to head to Sturecompagniet. I always start at Atrium, of course, then I check the feeling at Wall and say hello to my  colleagues. Then head  back to Atrium, if i still have feeling at 03, I end my night down at Hell’s Kitchen.

Finally, tell us something we don’t know about you?

  • Something that may shock many is that I am a morning person. The alarm rings 07.00 most days. Although I have been working late, I rarely get up after 10.00. I also love to cook. If I’m good or not, you can ask my girl about…


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