We have met up with Linda Carter, who has been Nightclub Manager at Berns for a few months now. Linda was born and raised in Stockholm but left the capital for Gothenburg at the age of 11. Linda started working in the cloakroom at Push after high school and after that she has been a nightclub manager at several clubs in Gothenburg. Join us as we find out everything from the summer’s hottest parties to what Linda likes to do on a day off.

What made you move back to Stockholm?

I really believe that everything happens for a reason, a few days before I was supposed to move to Dubai, then I got an offer to come up to Stockholm and work. It was the shortest move abroad I’ve ever made, directly from Arlanda to Berns. It turned out well.


What does a typical working week look like for you and what do you think is the absolute most fun part of your job?

A large part of our work is planning, since we host a lot of events. In addition to that, I’m out and about during the weeks. Now I feel that I’m a bit “new” in Stockholm, so it’s important and fun to be out and mingle at different happenings. If there is an event, you will find me there.


For those who have not visited Berns, how would you best describe the experience?

Berns have everything. What I like most is that we reach so many people with our concept. There are almost all styles of music on the different dance floors. You can order Hot shots in the shot bar, dance to awesome music in good quality that reminds you of your best festival memories at LE. Stand on the terrace and drink drinks and watch the sun almost rise. Now NEU is closed for the season, but it is an experience that can hardly be described in words! Truly a unique club within the club.

Something happening this summer that we can’t miss?

PRIDE! It’s always fun with happenings, but Pride is something extra. People come together in a completely different way that I love to see. Then we have the Drag Party in The Ballroom on August 5th, you absolutely can’t miss that!


You have been working in the industry for many years. Tell us about your best memory!

Oh, I can’t choose, there are so many… but in general, I think it has to be all the energy you get from all the amazing guests! Being able to be proud every day of delivering a product together with awesome colleagues that guests want to come back to.


Do you have least favorite memory?

Yes absolutely. I fell down the longest stairs in front of all the guests and colleagues at a club in Gothenburg, a real somersault in a very short dress. It wasn’t great. But you can’t take yourself so seriously. They got something to laugh about. This was like 3 years ago and I can promise that I still have bruises.


Gothenburg or Stockholm’s nightlife?

This will shock many, but honestly, Stockholm. There is a completely different type of mentality here, you have more energy here. The city is more alive and that makes the people come alive too.


What do you prefer to do on a day off?

Privately, I’m insanely introverted, which kind of shocks me. I love my alone time and like to read books and be with the horses. A dream day for me is clearly in the stables and nature. Love the contrast to my job.


Who is your favorite person in the industry?

Sabri and Mira are my little family, so they have to come on a shared first place. But Omid is AWESOME, such a lovely personality and a real phenomenon. He just IS Omid.


Finally, what does your optimal weekend look like?

First of all, sleep. Then I love big dinners on the weekends. Right now my guilty pleasure is the vodka pasta at L’Avventura and the meat at Toulou. Saturdays are a bit of a slow start, at the top of my to do list right now is wine and chess at Svarta Hästen! Berns is such a big house, so I’m there every night, that’s where you’ll find me. Now that Neu is closed, which otherwise closes at 05, it happens that you can find me singing along to a Håkan Hellström song at Spybar.



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