Svarta Hästen
Closed for the summer, welcome back 2nd of August!


Enhance your chess prowess with personalised coaching at Svarta Hästen, a distinctive social club that merges the intellectual challenge of chess with the refined enjoyment of wine tasting. Situated on the ground floor of Arnoldshuset, this pioneering venue provides a serene environment for both novices and experienced players to hone their skills.

At Svarta Hästen, engage in a game of chess whilst cradling a glass of meticulously selected wine, transforming each move into a memorable experience. We are proud to be Sweden’s first wine bar dedicated to chess aficionados, offering a relaxed setting where strategy and leisure converge.

Discover our exclusive wine list, showcasing a variety of local and international choices, each curated to complement your chess-playing experience. Whether you aim to advance your tactical abilities or simply relish a few tranquil rounds, Svarta Hästen offers the ideal backdrop. As a social club, we foster a community atmosphere where like-minded individuals can gather, play, and celebrate each checkmate with a celebratory toast


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